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"I'm a maladaptive function of the wealth of nations
I won't be a factory handyman working on a lifetime plan
I'm in the non-productive division of the profit motive
I'm a deadbeat, a loser, a parasitic user
(a moocher, a cop-out, a wimpy gutted limp dick)"

agnosticism, american history, american literature, angry samoans, ans, b-movies, beyond gods & empires, brickfight, british literature, burger records, burzum, capitalist casualties, capitalist kids, chuck berry, cometbus, dear landlord, del tha funky homosapien, dillinger four, dinosaur jr, direct hit!, dj screw, dj shadow, dj spooky, doug stanhope, drake marshall lyford, drizzt do'urden, dub is a weapon, egalitarianism, embassy skateboards, fiction, freedom, gift of gab, girl talk, goner records, greek mythology, helios creed, herman hesse, houseboat, houston astros, kid koala, killed by death, king khan & bbq, king louie, lady gaga, langston hughes, les savy fav, link wray, literacy, mark sultan, mcrad, mixtapes, mst3k, napping, nobunny, objectivity, off with their heads, og ron c, parliament funkadelic, paul collins, philip k dick, poison 13, ramones, rapeman, reading, record collecting, red beans and rice, richard brautigan, rudimentary peni, san antonio spurs, sass dragons! belligerent 86, schlong, science fiction, scrabble robot, scratch acid, screeching weasel, shang-a-lang, shellac, skaterock, slayer, snakepit comix, soul music, spazm 151, sportscenter, stand up comedy, street skating, stymie, subjectivity, teenage bottlerocket, the apeshits, the bananas, the brokedowns, the copyrights, the crumbs, the dirtbombs, the dopamines, the flash boys, the forgetters, the hex dispensers, the leftovers, the marked men, the mummies, the murderburgers, the nice boys, the open casket, the queers, the riffs, the slackers, the spears, the spits, the transgressions, the ugly beats, the vindictives, the young, thrasher, trae, tricky, twillight zone, ugk, underground railroad to candyland, walt whitman, white night, woodchuck, world burns to death, z-ro, zines